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With the myORDERS website, you will be able to order Bayer contrast and disposables online—anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Five valuable features

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Browse products

No need to check catalogues or old paperwork. Access product specs and availability online, and confirm your pricing.

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Order online

Order products online, anywhere, any time, from any device. The intuitive myORDERS interface makes it simple to find what you need and order it.

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Get confirmations

No need to wonder ifyour order is on track. You’ll. always get an email. confirmation when your order is received, and again when it ships.

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Track shipments

With most orders, you can track your shipment from the time it leaves the warehouse until it arrives at your door.

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View history

Access your entire order history. Answer questions easily and gain access to the data you need to manage inventory more efficiently.

Watch Order Ninja to see how ordering contrast and disposables doesn’t have to be a game. With myORDERS, you can’t lose (1:30).

Another innovation from Bayer in Radiology

To learn more, call. 1 800 268-1432 or talk to your Customer Service representative.

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