Medrad™ Intego PET Infusion System

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Medrad Intego PET Infusion System

Medrad® Intego goes wireless with the Radiation Dose Management System (RDMS) feature, connecting the practice to the patient.

The Medrad® Intego PET Infusion System has enabled PET sites around the world to personalize doses for patients, reduce unnecessary radiation for technologists, and improve practice economics. Utilizing a fully shielded mobile design, the system infuses accurate, repeatable, patient-specific doses from multidose vials, all managed through a simple touchscreen.

  • Personalized patient care
  • Reduced technologist radiation exposure
  • Streamlined schedule management and record keeping
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Support quality initiatives

RDMS features include:

  • Connectivity of modality worklist
  • Transmission of infusion record to PACS*
  • Transmission of estimated radiation absorbed (ERAD) report to PACS*

*Secondary Captures can be sent to compatible DICOM devices



Decision Support:

  • HIS/RIS/PACS connectivity
  • Streamline reliable and comprehensive information from point of care to study interpretation
  • Allows efficient access to prior protocols for standardized treatment planning
  • Support inspections, audits, and initiatives with detailed infusion and radiation documentation
  • Provides data to help improve communication between patients and referring physicians

Streamlined schedule management:

  • Save time and steps through wireless PET schedule import
  • Efficiently manage daily schedule changes and add-ons



Automated infusion records and radiation dose tracking:

  • Detailed infusion records, including FDG dose delivered to the patient, automatically transferred to PACS
  • Estimated absorbed radiation dose by organ automatically transferred to PACS, aiding efforts to monitor and manage patient radiation exposure

Medrad® Intego PET Infusion System

Personalize Patient Care

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface enables clinicians to automate weight-based dosing to administer an accurate, personalized dose for each patient
  • Variable flow rate (0.5 mL/sec or 1 mL/sec) and saline-test-infusion support treatment for fragile veins

Reduce Technologist Radiation Exposure

  • Tungsten and lead shielding provides proven reductions in radiation exposure for technologists
  • Automated dose preparation and infusion enables increased distance and hands-off operation

Improve Radiopharmaceutical Utilization

  • Practical and precise weight-based dosing enables clinicians to prescribe each patient’s minimum acceptable dose
  • Multi-dose vials streamline workflow and allow for compressed scheduling with fewer radiopharmaceutical deliveries

Drive Operational Efficiency

  • Automated dose preparation, administration, and documentation eliminates non-value-added steps
  • HIS/RIS/PACS connectivity*, mobility, and full-battery operation streamlines processes and workflow

Enhance Practice Competitiveness

  • Precise, personalized dosing differentiates Medrad Intego PET Infusion System sites to the surrounding referral base
  • Dose-on-demand functionality provides the flexibility to respond to patients who arrive late or require unexpected prep time

*Patient information listed on the GUIs has been changed to ficticious information.

Technical Specifications
Weight: Approximately 783 lbs (355 kg)
Dimensions: Approximately 20 inches (51 cm) wide, 27 inches (67 cm) deep,
51 inches (130 cm) high
Maximum Radioactivity: 750 mCi (27.7 GBq) for shielding effectiveness
700 mCi (25.9 GBq) for dose preparation
Maximum RP Volume: 30 mL
Maximum RP Activity Concentration: 100 mCi/mL (3,700 MBq/mL)
Dose Range: 1 - 25 mCi (37 - 925 MBq)
Dose Accuracy: +1- 2% of the measured dose. exclusive of dose calibrator calibration factor
Flow Rate: 0.5 mL/sec or 1 mL/sec
System Radiation Profile: Peak rate equal to or less than 1.4 mrem/hr(0.014 mSv/hr) at 12inches (30.5 cm) from the surface of the cart at maximum activity
Power: 300 VA
Voltage: 110-240 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Product Name Catalog #
Bayer's Medrad Intego PET Infusion System INT SYS 200
Source Administration Set (SAS) INT CSS
Patient Administration Set (PAS) INT CPS
Replacement Printer Label Roll 3017517
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